Can you state the goal of your company, without using numbers or dollar signs?

We help brands find a meaningful place in the world.

What’s your story?
5 questions to help you craft a Brand Narrative.

Context is where your brand gets its traction. It’s where you become relevant.

Brian Kelly, Partner

Virtue needs to be a character attribute of corporate leaders as well as the brands they steward.

Boguslav Yanishen, Partner

It’s easier to wrangle a crazy idea than to push out a mediocre one.

Q Gourki, Partner

What it means to be meaningful.

To avoid going off on a philosophical rant about how brands become meaningful, let’s start our conversation with a simple exercise… Read Article

Let’s not get back to normal.

Humans love predictability. It soothes our desperate need for control. In fact, the need is so acute, we construct ideas about what is… Read Article

Humor me.

Make it funny and smart he said… Read Article

CEOs need to be more human.

The tension between good and evil. A simple thought on how “humanizing a brand” starts from the top. Read Article

America, we got one more shot at this…

Perhaps there is more to family than we perceive. What if to such an extent, that the breakdown of it may very well mean a breakdown of our civilization. Read Article

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