Can you state the goal of your company, without using numbers or dollar signs?

We help brands find a meaningful place in the world.

We are strategists, conceptualists and creators who know how to execute the things we dream up. No small thing in a world that spends far too much time in Powerpoint.

Context is where your brand gets its traction. It’s where you become relevant.

Brian Kelly, Partner

Virtue needs to be a character attribute of corporate leaders as well as the brands they steward.

Boguslav Yanishen, Partner

What it means to be meaningful.

To avoid going off on a philosophical rant about how brands become meaningful, let’s start our conversation with a simple exercise…

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Work As UX.

Trying to understand The Great Resignation? Start by taking a look at your business mission.

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Stakeholder Capitalism needs a better name.

It’s a vague, corporate, starched shirt of a name. No one really knows what it means. And that is brand suicide.

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Creativity Explained.

Change cannot be managed. But it can be embraced. Unfortunately, the biggest impediment to embracing change is linear thinking...

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Where are the Medicis?

For every famous advertising campaign ever created, there was a visionary client who made it happen — a modern day patron in the pedigree of Lorenzo d’Medici.

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Enough theory.
Join the Be Meaningful Podcast.

We’ll have a discussion dedicated to your brand. The conversation will be lively, unscripted and unrehearsed. A brand consultation disguised as a podcast.

 Episode 01: The Intro

In this short introductory episode, the founders explain their vision while touching on subjects like the challenge of change, the symbiosis between business and marketing, the trust crisis and putting theory into practice with a real brand...

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 Episode 02: Luke O'Shea

(CMO at 2XU)

Can compression athletic wear make the world a better place? Give 2XU head of marketing Luke O’Shea 50 minutes and hear him kick around the Melbourne-based company’s big vision...

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 Episode 03: Hobbs Magaret

(Founder of Sisters Cattle Co.)

Hobbs is a true visionary who sees cattle as a vital part of a larger ecosystem that rehabilitates the land, improves agriculture and reduces global warming. If that sounds like a reach, listen in. The conversation ranges freely from cows to forest fires to pandemics to FDA regulations to Wes Jackson, D2C and Tik Tok.

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 Episode 04: Dan Vaughan

(Executive Director of Digital Product at USA Cycling)

In this episode, Dan shares the organization’s vision to evolve from certifying races to influencing culture and someday seeing cycling become as popular in our communities as little league baseball and AYSO soccer...

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 Episode 05: Dion von Moltke

(Founder of

After a random look into Brian’s experience with Michael Jordan & his first commercial, the episode examines Dion’s first career as a professional Formula One racer, and how his early experience with mentors ignited his passion for coaching...

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 Episode 06: Bruce Brady

(Co-Founder of SeverDomes)

It seemed poetic that we sat down (virtually) with Bruce Brady just as Covid19 was forcing the world into Zoom meetings. Bruce is one of the founders of ServerDome, a next generation data center that uses the thermal efficiency and airflow of a geodesic dome to keep servers cool without air conditioning...

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 Episode 07: Michael Tennant

(Founder of Actually Curious)

Between appearing on the Today Show and being featured in The NY Times, he agreed to spend some time with us. The conversation went far and wide… and deep. He shared his origin story, then we talked candidly about race and the biases we all grow up with but are often blind to...

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